Reyno Tilikaynen

Waterloo CS Student - Programmer - Mathematician - Problem Solver

About Me

I'm 19 years old and in my third year of a double major in Computer Science and Combinatorics & Optimization at the University of Waterloo.

I've had two internships since beginning my university career. The first was as a Software Developer Intern at the Google Kitchener-Waterloo office where I worked on the Inbox Smartmail team to improve smartmail integration with third party calendars.

For my second internship, I worked as an undergraduate combinatorics researcher at the University in Waterloo. I studied enumeration under Professor Ian Goulden and participated in the IPCO and CUMC math conferences.

I'm an avid problem solver and enjoy competing in math and programming contests. Outside of school, I enjoy being active, playing Go, and volunteering.


Fiora The Explorer

Fiora The Explorer is a Java game that I created with Jonah Haber in 2013 that is intended to help users learn French. The game has 3 levels, 3 difficulty modes, a practice mode and high scores. Furthermore, the game comes with help files, Java documentation, and a complete installer.

Fiora The Explorer

Differential Graphs

Differential Graphs is a Java program that I made in January 2015 to graph first-order differential equations. The program is capable of parsing inputted differential equations and graphs them using Euler's method. The program also has full Java documentation.

Differential Graphs

Problem Writer

My passion for competitive programming has led me to become a problem writer for the JDCC and ECOO contests. As a problem writer, I prepare a series of programming challenges that contestants need to solve in the span of three hours. The problems cover topics such as Dynamic Programming, Graph Theory, Combinatorics, and Data Structures.

The JDCC Contest is a programming contest hosted at my former high school William Lyon Mackenzie C.I. The contest is held monthly during the school year and over 100 students compete. Link To Problems

The ECOO Contest is an annual contest in which over 400 teams from high schools across Ontario compete. The contest consists of three stages: Board, Regional, and Provincial, with the final round being hosted at York University.

Differential Graphs

Reyno Tilikaynen

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